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Redflexión consultants


Brand identity

Web design

Editorial design

Redflexión is a consulting firm which, after 20 years of service, needed a rebranding. This project's goal was to craft a modern brand in order to refresh the firm while still leaning on the timeless values and expertise the company has always had since its foundation.

The rebranding was accompanied by a completely new web design, several collaterals and a communication campaign (Pioneros) developed from a storytelling by Daniel Méndez as part of the firm's 20th anniversary, and key to communicating Redflexión's new image to its loyal clients.

Naming, conceptualization and copywriting by Daniel Méndez. Web programmed by Cristian Barceló. Project developed in Germinal & Brandon Love.

Redflexión dossier.jpg
Pioneros Gráficas.jpg
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