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Luis Merino, personal trainer


Brand identity

Art direction

Equipment design

Luis Merino is a personal trainer, a conscious and controlled exercise professional; the energy that accompanies you on your path to improvement. His personal training services emerge as a valuable tool to improve, grow and learn. A practice that involves a process of well-being and enjoyment, carefully adapted to the needs of each individual and calibrated for their progress, whatever their circumstances.

A logo of contemporary construction, dynamic and with personality, with a modern but fun approach, which alludes to that essential part of training that is related to enjoyment, closeness and well-being. With a balance between straight and curved lines, between thick and thin strokes, it graphically appeals to the duality between structure and dynamism, to the diversity of people who can enjoy its services and the adaptability of its training.

Tarjeta Luis Merino-min.jpg
Poster Luis Merino 2-min.jpg
Botella Luis Merino-2-min.jpg
iPhone Luis Merino-min.jpg
Luis Merino brandboard-min.png
Calcetines Luis Merino-min.jpg
ID + lanyard Luis Merino-min.jpg
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