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The KR Agency


The KR Agency is an ad management company that offers data-driven media buying for ready-to-scale eCommerce brands. Their aim is to make audiences grow with profitable ad campaigns and a holistic approach to scaling that optimizes the business alongside the campaigns - ensuring fast, predictable, smooth growth.

The brand needed help designing a deck, an audit doc and a social media graphics kit for IG and FB featuring specially infographics. The project was enriched by a series of custom-designed illustrations that were used cohesively along all pieces and corporate documents, and added as brand assets for future graphic necessities.


KR Agency - Illustrations Mockup_v1 copia.jpg
Castlefield Design - KR Agency - Story iPhone Mockup_v1.jpg
Castlefield Design - KR Agency - 3 Devices Mockup 2_v1.jpg
Rocío Batanero - The Kr Agency - Illustrations
Rocío Batanero - The Kr Agency - Illustrations
Castlefield Design - KR Agency - 3 iPhone SM Mockup 1_v1.jpg

This project was commissioned by Castlefield Design Studio.

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