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Clínica Abril


Clínica Abril, Dermato-gynecology


Brand identity

Art direction

Web design

Clínica Abril is a well-renowned high standard clinic which has been operating for more than 20 years. Carlota Abril's vision is to create an honest, elevated but unpretentious practice that is positioned at the forefront of dermato-gynecology in its region and whose ultimate mission is to offer completely personalized treatment to its patients. The new dermatology practice that is about to join the gynecologists was a call for a new branding and communication system.

Searching for a conceptual path that would connect the two medical specialties of Clínica Abril and project them with a nuance of care and intimacy, we arrived at:

The importance of embracing, of providing a safe space; Femininity contains everything, just as the skin envelops everything. This embracing is presented as a context of maximum trust and professionalism, the space that the clinic represents for its patients. 

Photography by Antonio Carreño.

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