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I'm Rocío, a graphic designer & multidisciplinar creative.

My aim is to help find the balance between aesthetics and functionality in every project I'm involved into.

My work process comprehends:

/ 01.

Branding &


Every brand's image should tell a story that

defines its strengths, connects with its target

and creates a visual projection of its values.

I have a Crush on this wine.jpg
01. Portadita.jpg

/ 02.

Graphic Design

The first impression caused by any project is

determined by its visual communication and design

style. This graphic language positions the brand

where it needs to be and makes it cohesive. 

/ 03.

Illustration &

Print Design

Illustration is a powerful tool that can differentiate your

project and make it unique. Print and surface design

add great value to your brand and enrich its image.

These resources take your project to the next level.

KR Agency - Illustrations Mockup_v1 copia.jpg

/ 04.

Brand assets &

collateral design

How you showcase your brand on and offline 

can bring countless possibilities and awareness

of your project. Get to share it with the world!


This is an overview of my latest projects

Get in touch

If you have a branding, graphic design or print design project and want to work with me, I'll be pleased to have a chat with you


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You can follow my work on IG,

say hi at @rociobatanero_

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