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Pobre ('Poor') is a campaign with the aim of pointing out one of the most serious problems that plagues our society, poverty. The creation a fictitious party as a cry to the whole society, which points out the lack of commitment and listening of political representatives.


EAPN foundation


Campaign identity

Graphic development Merchandising

RRSS Pobre_Post genérico 1 copia 9.JPG
Mupi op 1.JPG

The visual identity of Pobre needed to be impactful and sharp, supporting the powerful message of the campaign while avoiding superfluous ornaments. This development required a wide range of digital and physical applications, from merch to billboards, social media graphics and a full dossier.

RRSS Pobre_Story composición 2.PNG
Tarjeta copia.jpg

Naming, conceptualization and copywriting by Daniel Méndez.


Project developed in Germinal & Brandon Love.

Camiseta Pobre.JPG
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